Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One last Cross Race-Chilly Cross

One last cross race of the season. I have to admit I wasn't all that excited to race in Jan, 4 weeks after Nationals. I had only ridden my bike twice since Nats, have been doing some running and stairs but basic stuff.
But once we got to the race site in Bellingham at Cornwell Park, I was actually really excited to ride the bike again. The course was really fun, the park is beautiful and it makes for a great cross course!!
I did a warm up lap and surprising my legs felt pretty strong. Very well rested, but strong. This particular series is very small, but really run well and they have great courses. Everyone should check them out next year and add them to your list of races. Well worth the drive.
There were 5 women in the A/B race. More then I thought, so thank you to the ladies that came out! They lined us up at the back of the Master B and B men. We all started together, there was maybe 30 people total.
So when the gun went off I tried to get through as many guys as I could. It worked by the end of the first lap I was half way through the guys. I really was feeling awesome so I kept up the effort and passed a lot more guys. I am not sure where I ended up in the men, but I know I was in the top 5 to 10 for sure. And I won the women's A race.
It was really hard getting motivated to race in Jan but I am really glad I did and would do it again next year.
What a year, time now to get the road and MTB bikes in order and change the mental focus. Can't wait already for cross in 2010!!