Thursday, October 10, 2013

Luna Chix Clinic with Catherine Pendrel

Luna Chix Cross Clinic

I was graciously invited to help coach a beginner womens cross clinic with the Luna Chix and Catherine Pendrel at Woodpark.
What a great experience and what a great group of ladies.
We had about 40 ladies show up to learn cross skills from Catherine Pendrel, Mountain Bike World Champion!!
Courteny McFadden, Mel Lewis and myself were Catherines back up coaches.

First thing I can say is that Catherine is an amazing lady, so nice and friendly and a great teacher.

We held a 3 hour clinic that included barrier work, running and corning skills and much more.

What a great experience, thank you Luna Chix for putting this clinic on and raising over $900 for breast cancer, all the proceeds were donated to the Breast Cancer Fund on behalf of Luna Chix.
Check out the Luna Chix website for more info on this amazing team:

McCollum Park SCX #1

I am so far behind on my updates, I am just not so good and staying on top of these posts. So I will try to catch back up.

I don't have to much great to say about McCollum park race except that the course and the venue were awesome. I really liked the course, and I hope we get to continue to race there!! I am a huge fan of all the racing in Sno Co this year, closer to home so I am happy.

When we got to the park the weather was iffy. It was dry but very windy with up to 35mph winds forecasted.
We got everything set up and about one hour before my race the skies opened and it poured down rain. That made the course very muddy!! Awesome!!

So we lined up at the start in the rain. I was on the last row of about 25 ladies, another great Elite women's field!
Off we went and I knew right away things were going to hurt. I was fighting a cold and  my body was tired. I tried my hardest but in the muddy grass I just didn't have any power. I tried my hardest but every lap I was passed by one or two girls and ended up finishing 17th on the day. I was bumbed out but what can I do, with my knee I just don't have that much power so on the dry flat courses I am faster but in the mud I just don't have the muscle strength yet to get through it.

So this race was a rough one, but I really did enjoy the course. I spent the next 2 days sleeping thanks to the cold I had, racing really took a lot out of me.