Tuesday, September 17, 2013


What an amazingly fun day!!

It was overcast most of the day, temps were perfect. Not to hot, not to cold. And there was an amazing amount of talent in every race.

I raced the Masters Open 30+ Women's Cat. We had around 20 ladies on the line, great size field!! I got a front row call up which was great, and I had my teammate Kristy Kelsey on my wheel in the second row. I got a great start, was in top 10 right off the gun. I held that for most of the race. I was going back and forth with a couple ladies and was actually feeling pretty strong minus the barriers of course.

I had passed a couple ladies and was in 8th place going into the last quarter of the last lap and was trying to turn on the heat because I could see 2-5th place just a few seconds ahead of me. So I wanted to give it all I had to see how far I could move up. And of course I railed a turn to hard and actually rolled my clincher tire off the bead.

At first I thought my rear wheel had gone out of true because I could feel my tired rubbing back and forth on my brakes. Then I was suddenly put to stop, I didn't crash but when I looked down I saw that the tire was off the bead and my tube had wrapped around my cassette and into my rear derailleur. Darn it, I can't run so I was done. The finish was only like 2 mins away!! Oh well, at least it happened at the end so I got to get in almost the whole race. It was a great workout for sure!!

Chad had to cut the tube in like 6 different pieces to get it out of my drive line. It really was stuck in there!!First time I can ever say I rolled a clincher!

Great day, super fun and the Elite men's and women's races were awesome. So exciting!!

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