Monday, June 14, 2010

1st Place 5K Berry Run, Marysville WA

I have really been having a lot of fun this off season trying out my running skills. After my 1/2 marathon I decided to keep running going a couple days a week this year through cross. Normally I would stop running and go to riding everyday but with the crummy weather, and me really liking the running this year I decided to keep it going.

So I decided to try out a 5K. I have never raced a 5K before so pacing this was what I was the most worried about. I knew I could average 7:50min miles for 13 miles so I knew I had to try to go for under 7min average for the 5K.

I lined up on the first row, because this wasn't a chipped or timing system race, it was just a mass start so I new I had to get up there with the fast guys to set my pace. The gun blew and we were off. I was hauling, a bit faster then I probably should have but it felt ok. I ran a 6:30min mile for my first mile and knew that was fast for me, so I slowed the pace to catch my breath for the 2nd mile. Down to a 7:30min mile and then for the last 1.2miles I picked it back up again and finished the 5K in 21:15.

I was so happy, and it really hurt that last .25 trying to sprint into the finish, but I did it. And the pay off was 1st in my age group, 30-39 women. I was so happy and probably finished in the top 30 out of everyone, and there was some fast high school cross country kids there so I was pretty happy with my overall too.

The race was up at the Plant Farm in Smokey PT about 5mins from my house so it was the perfect race to do. And it was totally flat, so I could just kick it fast and hard.

My son, 8 year Holden ran the 1mile race for his first running race and he got 3rd in the 8 and under boys. I was so very proud of him, running it in under 11 min!!

And my mom was in town visiting and decided 15min before the start to run the 1mile race with my son and she ended up winning her age group, 60+ women.

What an amazing and athletic family I have. We all had a blast, and I will for sure run another one!!


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