Friday, July 30, 2010

Winthrop Trip

I have been a slacker on getting all my posts added. This is a little late but here we go:

On July 7th we headed over to Wintrhop to do some camping in the True North Trailer. Chad's dad lives over there with his soon to be new wife, Sandra. We went over there to hand with Larry and Sandra and get in some good MTB riding for a few days.
The weather was awesome, in the 90's each day. We stopped in when we got there to see the Robertson Family and catch up with them since it has been years since we have seen them. It was great to catch up with them. They are such great people!
Then we had a great dinner that Larry and Sandra made, Lasana!!
We got up the next morning to head out and ride up at Sun MT with Holden but Chad realized he forgot his shoes. So he had to borrow a pair from the Robertson's and then we got to head out and ride.
Holden did awesome, about 10miles off road in the heat. He burned out a bit the last couple of miles but what a trooper. He has such great handling skills, I hope he sticks with bikes because has the gift of picking good lines. He must have got that from me! :)
Another great night with Larry and Sandra, and then we got up and I went for a great 2 hour ride up to Chickadee and around Sun MT area and back. Chad and Holden went into town and got some shells for the shot gun and went up in the hills to shoot it. You know guy stuff!!
We head out and had to get home. It was hard to leave, I love Winthrop so much!!

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