Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Cross

Cross racing is officially under way!! We raced the first cross race on Monday and it was a great day for cross racing. The temps were cool and the course was nice and tacky and fast.

I raced first out of the family, and it started out awesome. I got the whole shot and lead till the run up, where Kari Studley passed me. She had a better stride up the steep hill/stairs and made a couple seconds on me at the top. I jumped back on and caught back up with Kari in the technical sections. We were together going into lap 2 and I was feeling pretty good. I was very nervous having not raced anything since Dec so I was pretty happy with where I was at.

We hit the stairs again and Kari got another gap, this one was a bit bigger so I was pushing harder to catch back on her wheel when about half way through the lap I hit a rock and pinch flatted. I had to run half the lap so I fell all the back to last and then ran into the pits where Chad and the Collision One guys helped me get a new wheel and I was back. My calfs were on FIRE from running the so long so I got on and just gave it everything I had.

I didn't catch back up with my group but managed to get back about half the rest of the fields. So a bad result but a good run workout for sure.

I then did 3 laps with Holden. He was awesome, he had such a great attitude and road further then any other cross race so far. It is so much fun riding with him and watching how good he can handle his bike.

And Chad raced last, he got the whole shot also and then continued to have a great race. He fell back a bit but held on for a good fight to finish 5th. Best season opener race for him so far.

So again a great weekend for the Berg's.

Next race in this Sunday the 12th at Finn Hill Park in Kirkland.

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