Friday, July 30, 2010

Seattle to Portland Ride

On July 17th a group of 12 of my friends and myself headed out on the Seattle to Portland 204mile ride.

I have this great group of friends that have all gotten into riding in the past year or so. They all decided that they wanted to try the STP and we were excited to help. One of the girls, Laura works for Edmonds Family Medicine and the Doctor there purchased custom Jerseys for all of us to wear on the ride. We were know as team EFM!

We headed out at 6am on Sat morning, and headed out for the long day ahead of us. The team goal was to ride 150miles on Sat and 50 on Sun. Our Hotel was in Kelso WA 150 miles from Seattle. So we had to get there to get to our beds!!

Unfortunately one of the gals on the team hurt her knee a couple weeks before the race so Many couldn't ride. She graciously offered to drive the support rig, the True North trailer, for the whole weekend and she watched out son Holden also. What a great gal!!

So Mandy and Holden would drive ahead and meet us every 25ish miles so we had food and water. We really lucked out because the weather was only about 75 and overcast for most of the ride so it was a lot easier to stay hydrated.

After a very long day in the saddle, about 10 hours total ride time with 13 hours out, we all made it to Kelso. Everyone was so darn amazing. A lot of the people who rode the 150 had only ridden up to 60-70miles prior so this was going to be a big challenge and every one of them did it and did it well!! I was so impressed and proud of everyone. It was so much fun to see every one accomplish such a huge goal.

We all went out for a great dinner and of course drinks at Azteca next to the hotel and then hit the hot tub.

The next morning we all slept in, and headed out for the last 50miles around 10am. Every one's butts were very sore but we got rolling and we rocked it, everyone rode hard and we all made it to Portland. It was awesome only having 50 miles to go on the 2nd day. Would definitely do that again for sure. We all rolled in together as a team at the finish. We looked awesome and very professional!!

We stayed in Portland that night and went out for pizza. It took like 1.5 hours to get the pizza but once we got it, boy was it good!!

We woke up Monday morning and my mom, husband, son and myself all drove the trailer home and everyone else rode the train home. That was a 7 hour train ride, crazy!!

Conrats to everyone that did the ride, it was a blast to be with you all and I really am so impressed!!


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